Communion – by John Rutherford

Building Futures

The other day I was reminiscing with one of my children about what we used to do when they were little. We flew kites, went for walks in the National Park, holidayed in the Mallee, camped in Wilpena Pound, and four-wheel drove along the Birdsville Track. We saw flocks of emus running at full speed, watched wedge-tail eagles soar in thermals, and echidnas scurry to safety.

My kids are all young adults now, so what do these reminiscences tell me? They tell me that Rosalie and I have invested much into the lives of our children which has taken them into their adult years. We’ve built a family that will soon build families of their own. Our investment will multiply. But really, that’s how the kingdom of God works. It takes a little energy and effort, some commitment and sacrifice and then all of it becomes multiplied in the hands of God. The multiplication doesn’t come without first offering something.

In serving in the church at Aberfoyle Park you have the opportunity to build futures. Your own eternal future with God. The future of your children as they grow to faith and maturity in this house of God. It is the promise contained in the passage from Isaiah 44:1-5 which we have explored together for the past three Sundays. It also speaks of the future of this community as Aberfoyle Park Baptist Church shines the light of God’s hope into the darkness of despair which many people feel.

– Frank Eames


Below, John Rutherford’s message involves the practice of communion, what it means and what it means to take part in it. Click the link below to listen….