/Welcome to the new APBC website!

Welcome to the new APBC website!


Hi friends!

Welcome to the brand new Aberfoyle Park Baptist Church website. For those of you who were familiar with the old site, you’ll be pleased to see a whole new interactive element to our new one. To have a better look around, click the “Home” button in the menu bar above to go to our homepage, which is where your APBC web journey will begin!

Currently, we’re still working on a bunch of new content for the site, with information about our missions, ministries and other church-related groups (such as homegroups). As we put this new material up, we’ll keep you updated!

The idea behind our new website is that it will run as a secondary platform to attending church – it’s my plan to ensure that all the information disseminated at church on Sunday will be available here as well, if not simultaneously, then certainly as soon as possible. I believe a well-run website can allow people to access the church 24/7, rather than just for a few hours on Sunday, and it’s my hope that this will be a vibrant, pulsating, living part of our church community. Naturally, this will also involve interactions with social media; APBC now has a Facebook page (click the “Like” button to stay up to date with all the goings-on!!) and it’s my intent to use this facility as a way of spreading information about our church in an instantly accessible manner. Why wait for Sunday services to find out the latest information about APBC? In this day and age of instant communication, it makes sense to give people an access point to our church that is vibrant and easy.

Yes, we’ve uploaded sermons to the site, ready for you to download and listen to if you’re unable to make a service on a Sunday. We’re upgrading our digital tech behind the scenes to allow sermons – and entire services – to be recorded for use if so desired. Currently, we’re only uploading sermons to the site, but there is the potential to allow access to entire services for members who request it, in an easy-to-use digital format.

The information on this website is only as good as the people who provide it – if you’re a member of APBC, and you want to promote your idea (be it a gathering, event or some other social activity!) then you can simply email the details through to me at  rodney@fernbyfilms.com and I’ll upload it as soon as possible. Once it’s uploaded, you can attach a page or post link to your social media, an email, or even your own personal website, for people to access. Spread the love!! I will be working with the appropriate people at APBC to gather as much up-to-date information as possible, but I need your help in making sure this site is as current as possible.

Eventually, the plan is to allow members of the church to make amendments and provide content autonomously to the site; initially, I’ll provide the lions share of admin work, but down the track, people involved in various ministries and groups within the church will have access to their own pages and posts, allowing them to update things themselves as they desire. In doing this, it’s my hope that the site will not be dependent on a single person to run it – the more people who know how to operate the site’s administrative elements, the less chance of things slowing down if a single person moves away or becomes otherwise incapable of doing so.

If you have any ideas about our site, or any suggestions as to further enhance the content, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do.

Rodney Twelftree – APBC Web Admin.