The Resurrected Life (Part 2)

Matter of fact or marvel?

I remember a pastor once said of things that just seem to happen at ‘the right time’; are these just co-incidences or God-incidences? You judge whether what I am about to describe was just a matter-of-fact or a marvel from God. I was rummaging through my bedside drawer for my pyjamas when I came across a little blue note book that was my journal of my first overseas mission trip in 1996 to Andhra Pradesh, a central province in India. As I pored over the pages I was amazed to reread the stories of the miracles of healing and deliverance from demons that occurred.

The next morning, I was praying about what I should preach on Sunday. I felt prompted to look at the final two chapters of John’s Gospel and couldn’t help but note John 20 verse, “Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.” I prayed, “Lord, do you want me to read some of the stories from my journal of what you did on that mission trip?” While I was praying I was distracted by a man who was speaking rather loudly on his mobile phone. I was annoyed he had interrupted my prayer. As he walked by, I noted the large numbers on the back of his tee-shirt; 1996 – the date written on each page of my journal.

Was that just a co-incidence or a God-incidence? You make up your mind, but I know what I think!

from Frank Eames