Servant or Son Part 2 – by Frank Eames

The look of a new season I was shopping in the city last week and everywhere there were new season fashions.

I walked into Aberfoyle Park Baptist and people were talking of a new season for the church. But the notion of a new season has actually been around for a long time. Over 3,000 years ago, one of the Kings of Israel wrote, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). So what does a new season look like? In nature, a new season follows an old one. The previous harvest is finished, the fruit that has not been picked but remains on the branches of trees is old and withered, the grapes left on the vine are dried and shrivelled, the heads of the grain crop are empty and the stalks have dried and blanched from green to yellow. The soil is dry and the ground hard. Spring has become summer and autumn is needed to prepare everything for the winter rains where new growth will come. Fruit trees and vines will need to be pruned and the old grain stalks ploughed under in readiness for new seeding.

There are also seasons in the spiritual realm and there is a process of preparation that the Lord, the gardener, the vinedresser, the grain grower needs to put in place for the new season to come. Who likes to feel dry ground? Who likes the searing summer sun? Who likes the fire that destroys the chaff from last season? Who likes to be pruned so that fresh new fruit can grow? Yet these are all the aspects of readiness that the Lord needs to subject his people to in readiness for his new season of harvest. All of this comes in anticipation of his harvest. It is a season that we are sensing is ready to come, indeed, is already in the early stages of coming. Get ready for the harvest!