/Servant or Son Part 1 – by Frank Eames

Servant or Son Part 1 – by Frank Eames

A few weeks ago I had a real rush of adrenaline as I hooked into a mulloway in the mouth of the Murray, followed fifteen minutes later by a second one. But this feeling paled in comparison to the joy I felt when the news came through that I had been called as pastor of this church. Rosalie and I both shared the buzz that came with knowing we were once again connected to our new church home with our new family. We are both looking forward to a long and fulfilling journey with you as we together discover all that the Lord has in store for us. This morning I get to do what is one of my greatest joys – preaching the message that comes to you from the heart of God. Today, I trust each one of us is both encouraged and challenged to consider what it means when God changes our status with him from that of A Servant to a Son.

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