It Is Finished

“Two now one” are three simple words inscribed inside Rosalie’s wedding ring.

Three little words each of three letters which carry such a profound message of what happens when two lives are joined together by God. The moment that we said, “I do” to each other before God, the pastor and the congregation, both Rosalie and I knew that something deep and wonderful had occurred in the realm of the Spirit. God had inextricably joined our two souls together. We knew it then and we’ve known it ever since.

The interesting thing is that, though we now share this one new life together, somehow each of us has never lost the uniqueness of our own life. Joined as one but free to enjoy the distinctiveness of our own personalities. That is the blessing of God we enjoy in marriage. But the apostle Paul says that this is just a reflection of the greater mystery that is ours in Christ. When each one of us commits ourselves to him in faith we become so joined to him in the Spirit that we become one with him yet each of us keeps our own unique but renewed personality. We also become deeply connected to each other to the point that all of us together are called the bride who is married to Christ. We become one with him in the same way that he is one with Father (John 17:27?) and one with the Holy Spirit. Some fear they will lose themselves in this union but, the truth is, the opposite happens – we find the more complete self we were always designed to have.

While our relationships of marriage last as long as we live here on earth, the marriage we have with the Lord lasts forever. It is a relationship well worth nurturing!

from Frank Eames

Today’s message is by a member of our congregation, Nick Frisby-Smith. His message is entitled “It Is Finished”. To hear Nick’s message, click the link below!