Small-Groups or Home-Groups are a valuable part of any Church.  Things can happen in a Small Group that cannot easily happen in a larger church setting.  Small Groups foster close relationships and build community.  Small Groups provide a great atmosphere for building significant friendships.

People talk more in Small Groups and are more open in sharing about their life’s journey.  Needs of others can be quickly recognized and support given.  In a Small Group it is easier and more natural to stop and pray for one another as the need arises. 

Small Groups are a great place for believers to practice ‘Loving one another’.  We perhaps too often rely on professionals to help us with the struggles we face in life.  In a Small Group there are many opportunities to minister to one another, practice using the gifts and talents God has given us to support and encourage one another.  It is a non-threatening place where people can experiment using their gifts and talents and a place where leadership skills are developed.

More effective learning can occur in a Small Group.  Questions can be asked.  How teaching applies to people’s daily lives can be investigated.  And in a gentle and respectful way, people in a Small Group can keep each other accountable.  Small Groups provide a way for Christians to live out their faith instead of merely hearing more preaching or teaching.

Small Groups usually meet in some-one’s home.  This was a common occurrence in the New Testament.

Small groups can also provide a comfortable introduction for nonbelievers to the Christian faith. Social events create an opportunity for non-believers to engage with believers and this can result in non-believers wanting to attend regular gathering to see what happens, watching others live out their faith, listening to you pray, hearing them share God’s work in their life, and learning more about the Bible  The nonbeliever is more likely to ask questions, get answers, and form relationships with the believers in a Small Group than in a larger church gathering.

APBC currently has approximately 7 Home-Groups / Small-Groups.  Most meet during the School terms and have a break over the holiday periods.

Some meet Weekly and other meet Fortnightly. A couple of Small Groups meet during the day, but most meet at night. We have one group that caters particularly for Young Adults, but most have a broad range of ages.

We currently have Small Groups meeting on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Please chat with the Pastor or one of the Elders so they can help you find a suitable group.