Good Good Father

Things that have changed; things that should not.

It’s not about remembering the good ol’ days or hankering for the past; it’s just a comment on the changes that have occurred since I started school. It was a time when a wireless was not a means of internet connection but was a radio that sat on the mantel piece for the entertainment of the while family – it was pre-television. A tablet was what you took to stop indigestion (‘heartburn’) or a headache. It was a time when half the houses in my street didn’t have a telephone, including my own, and the only kind of mobile phone was called a walkie-talkie that was mounted in dad’s work van.

It was also an age where at least 50% of the kids in my street went to Sunday School and nobody I knew had parents who had been divorced. Most people still believed in God but stopped going to church because he could not stop the destruction of two world wars. Things have changed, and I wonder whether we have known how to find the means to share the good news that God loves people in the face of this change.

Like I said, it is not about dreaming of a past age when an evangelist named Billy Graham saw thousands of people profess personal faith in Christ in a week of meetings at the Adelaide Show grounds. It’s a consideration of how we, as the people of God, have remained faithful to God’s word in the face of the onslaught of change, living lives of faith that resonates with the goodness of his grace.

That’s something that should not change.

from Frank Eames