From Womb To Tomb

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Imagine what it would be like if you had memories from the time you were in the womb?

You remember you felt safe and warm and well fed. There was nobody to share your room, nobody to mess up your bed, no one to pinch your piece of the pie, nobody to argue with your opinion. You remember having everything your own way. And then suddenly there is a major upheaval. The muscles around you start contracting and you find yourself be expelled from your home. You are being forced down this tight passage which squeezes your head out of shape and cuts off your oxygen supply. You feel like you are
suffocating. Suddenly, somebody is tugging at you and you leave the passage and someone is slapping you on the back telling you to breath. What is breathing? Never done that before. No wonder you are crying! Before long you are breathing, and everybody is happy once again. They wipe you down, enfold you in a soft towel and hand you to your mother who begins to feed you. You stop crying and wonder what this thing called birth means. What you do know is that the womb is gone, and the new world is strangely different.

It doesn’t matter whether it is the birth which takes you from the womb of your mother to your new life of this world, or the womb of this world into the new world of faith, or from the womb of faith into the new heavens and new earth through the passage called death – in each case the womb of one has to be left behind so that you can pass through the difficulty of birth in to the life of the next. Each birth is necessary to receive the blessing of the next. You must die to the security of past one to enter the glory of the new one.

For Jesus, this meant the trauma of death on a cross so that the sins of all could be carried away in his death in order that we might pass from the womb of sin into the wonderful life of faith.

from Frank Eames