/Creation vs Evolution – Dr Don Batten

Creation vs Evolution – Dr Don Batten


One of the big questions faced by Christians around the world is the “truth” of the theory of evolution, and how aspects of this fit into God’s word in the Bible. Dinosaurs, particularly, are not mentioned by name in the Bible, and yet evidence of their existence remains. So how do Christian’s believe the word of God, and acknowledge the existence of ancient creatures roaming the Earth?

These questions, among others, often pose the biggest challenge to Christians as they speak about their faith with unbelievers in their lives.

Dr Don Batten, from Creation Ministries, attempts to answer some of these Big Questions in his sermon on “Becoming Relevant”, which examines the Book of Genesis, particularly the Creation aspects, as well as the story of the great flood. If you’re a Christian struggling to reconcile the two opposing arguments, or somebody searching for faith and questioning evolution versus creation, this sermon will be a terrific starting point to understanding the message Dr Batten brings.

Click the link below to listen to his message, which was delivered on October 26th, 2014. You can stream this message to your computer audio player to listen live, or you can save the sermon to your mobile listening device, by “right clicking” Save Link As… and following the prompts.

26-20-2014-Becoming-Relevant v2

More information on Dr Batten, and Creation Ministries, can be found by following this link to CM’s official website.